Eric G Wilson

Author of Keep It Fake, Everyone Loves a good train wreck, and against happiness

Psychology Today post, May 12, 2015: Fake Your Way to Happiness: "Just as gravity will throw us into the sea if we leap from a coastline cliff, our genes and a multitude of other factors will force us into actions over which we have no control.  But we can decide how to fall—flail wildly and smack the water in a belly-flop, or arc into a swan before entering the blue with nary a splash."

Psychology Today post, May 6, 2015: Imagining an Authentic Life:  "Regardless of form, digressive or linear, by the time we become aware of ourselves we are already trapped in fictions not of our making, and our only hope of escaping the text is to write our way into a story of our own. . . ."